Some of Sabine Street Studios finest!

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Collage Mixed Media

Anthony has a unique method of conveying the three-dimensionality of form. It involves cutting blocks of paper and layering them, with the layers of paper in gradations of color that are in turn cut in such a way that follow the contours of the different values on the form. Check out Anthony's amazing 3D works of art at Sabine Street Studios, studio number #148


Fashion Design

At Gin Martini Designs they aim is to create fierce looks for the stage performers and artist to feel their BEST with a focus on zero waste and sustainability. Most of what they make is one of a kind and handmade. Visit them every second Saturday of the month at Sabine Street Studios, studio #152.


Mixed Media Painting

Gabriela's work is about symbols. She is inspired by objects that possess a deeper and more significant meaning than the object itself. The transparent layers of her paintings try to go beyond the literal meaning of the object and reflect immaterial tokens, emblems, signs and feelings, all of them moving and changing depending on the eye of the beholder. You can see Gabbi's work at Sabine Street Studios, studio number #127.


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